Haberdashery and Dressmaking

Here is all of the stock that we have to offer in our haberdashery and dressmaking section. To order, follow these steps:

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John James Pebbles

The pebbles we have available are darners, embroidery, chenille, quilting, tapestry, household assorted, sharps, beading and knitters


John James Needles

Household assorted


John James Needles

Easy threading, size 4/8


John James Needles

Bodkin set


John James Needles

Weaving needles


Stitch ripper



Stitch ripper



General Scissors


Marvels Embroidery Scissors


Prym Embroidery Scissors


Janome Embroidery Scissors


Dressmaking Scissors


Tailors Shears

8" £15

10" £19.50

Traditional Metal Thread Snips


Thread Snip


Hat Elastic

Black and White

10p per metre


Black and White, 6mm

10p per metre

Tailors Chalk

White, Red, Blue, Yellow


Chalk Pencil

White, Blue



Small, Medium, Large


Moon Thread


Glass Head Pins

30 pcs


Tailors Measure