Eco friendly Christmas wrapping

This year why not try making you're own Christmas wrapping paper and tags? Not only is it good for the environment, but it also makes your Christmas presents look a lot more unique and personal. Stamped paper, handmade gift tags, or even a set of our nutscene twines also make great presents on their own for any avid crafters you might know.

Wrapping paper is something I'm sure we'll all be using this year. However, as one of our biggest goals is to become a fully green business, I wanted to show you an eco-friendly alternative to what you might find in a larger shop. The brown paper that we sell is 100% recycled and biodegradable (£1 per meter). We also stock a large range of pre-loved stamps including many Christmas themed ones which have recently come in (£1 - £5 each), and ink pads in several colours which we've also restocked (£2.50). You could print a large pattern all over as shown above, or just finish your present off with a simple graphic in the corner.

These beautiful gift tags made by Jeanie, one of the wonderful Cloth Paper Stitch ladies, are made from upcycled and vintage materials. She uses everything from vintage stamps to scraps of lace and pieces them together into these one of a kind gift tags. Hopefully these inspire you to use what you have at home to make a nice addition any presents you might be giving this year. She also sells kits if you would like to have a go but don't have the materials.

To finish off your present, we have a wide range of nutscene twines and raffias in many colours. We have larger roles of twine (£2.60 for 50m) or smaller roles like the ones pictured above (£4 for 3x 13m). All of the nutscene twines are biodegradable and eco-friendly. These could also make lovely presents for any gardener you might know. There are a few more pictures of the nutscene twines and raffias over on our Instagram if you would like to have a look. Happy wrapping!

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