How I up-cycled a linen tablecloth and bits of antique lace into a gorgeous crazy patchwork piece

The video I uploaded this week is actually based on a workshop I teach. Pretty much everything used in these pieces that I've been making for the past 6 years is up-cycled. I use everything from vintage table cloths to antique lace and lace doilies. This technique can also be used to make a memory piece; I think it's a really nice way of remembering someone. In the video, I teach you the whole process; how i assemble everything, how to choose embellishments, and how I applique my found embroidery onto the piece.

Despite wanting to save items from landfill and up-cycle and restore the wonderful materials that i acquire, there's also a story behind what got me started on this "crazy patchwork journey" if you will. Twenty years ago I had just moved to Connecticut and one-day quite by chance I met a lovely lady in the checkout queue at Walmart (please bear in mind that the queue was held up by my then mother-in-law trying to pay with travellers cheques). That lovely lady and I became friends and she helped me so much in those early days living in a different country.

We are still friends today no doubt helped by our shared interests in reading, art, history, quilting, textile stuff, and gardens and gardening, I even designed a herb garden for her which is still going strong.

"Treasures in Juliet's Garden"

Fast forward to 2014 and my lovely partner took me back to Connecticut on a visit to see my lovely friend, and all her family who are like my family now. Whilst we were there, she gave me a box of lace and trims that had come from her Grandfather's department store which had closed in 1948. Most of the contents were much older and had obviously been added to from somewhere else. And so began my foray into crazy patchwork and fabric collage.

You can read this story and the inspiration behind my first crazy patchwork piece on my Instagram. I hope you enjoy the video. Make sure to subscribe for more tutorials. Next video, I'll be teaching you all about iron on transfers. Have a lovely week :)

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