How to process silk ties into usable fabric for projects

Something I think is really important when it comes to my work is sustainability and I try to promote this as best I can through the shop. I use all sorts of things such as vintage table cloths, silk ties, found embroidery, vintage lace, and the list goes on. Today I want to talk about all the work I've done using silk ties. Although I'm using a "luxury fabric" it's still sourced sustainably; all of the ties I've used have come from various charity shops. I wash and stabilise them so they can then be used in my work. In 2018, two of my quilts were exhibited at the International Festival Of Quilts in Birmingham. Other than the wadding and backing fabric, both of the quilt tops were made entirely out of silk ties.

Also in the video I teach you how to make half-square triangles which is a method used in quilting but you can really get creative and come up with other designs; there's dozens you can do with just triangles. For my quilt "Knit and Purl" which you can see in the video thumbnail, was made entirely from half square triangles. You can also transfer it to an fabric, it doesn't have to be silk. It might actually be easier as silk is so slippery.

If you would like to learn how you can up-cycle silk ties and how to make half-square triangles, you can watch my video.

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