Make a hat pin cushion using up-cycled materials

Here's another up-cycling project for you to try if you need something to fill your time, or if you have any materials you would like to recycle into something new. Bedsheets, curtain off-cuts, vintage lace, you name it! You might have seen a similar looking pin cushion in the shop before - that's what inspired this project! I needed ideas for last minute Christmas gifts and ended up giving one to my mum which she absolutely loved. I also sent one to a friend in America who loves all things vintage and sewing related. I thought they turned out so well that I wanted show you all how to make them, and you might even find them in the shop when we eventually open up again.

They only take around an hour to make and are great for using up any off-cuts of materials you might have lying around, so no need to buy anything new. You've probably seen the ribbon roses and vintage lace in the shop before, and the fabric used for the green pin cushion was taken from an old Laura Ashley dress that I had in my stash, which goes to show, you really can use anything! If you want to know how to make one, or would just like to see a some aesthetically pleasing shots of something that would hang up in my fantasy fairytale cottage, you can watch the video below. Have a lovely rest of your week everyone!

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