Making a Whole Cloth Quilt from a 1920s Design

Back in August, a client commissioned me to make her a whole cloth cot quilt based on a 1920s design. I decided to film the process and after weeks of quilting, filming, and researching some history behind the whole cloth quilt, I finally uploaded the video about a week ago. In the video I speak about my process whilst giving you a few hints and tips to do with hand quilting. I've also included a small history on whole cloth quilting.

This quilt was based on a design from the 1920s for a Pontypridd cot quilt. As you may know I live in Wales an Cloth Paper Stitch is based in Wales so it was rather interesting making something from a design that would have been original produced fairly locally. When researching some of the history, I managed to find a picture of the original quilt in a book called 'Welsh Quilts' by Jen Jones, which I included in the video if you would like to see it. I also speak about where whole cloth quilting originated and why it was used. If any of this sounds like it may be of an interest to you, you can check out the video below.

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