Making sourdough bread

I know that this is unusual content for us however, other that being environmentally aware and trying to be as sustainable as possible, one of Cloth Paper Stitch's biggest goals is to encourage creativity and get people making things, especially at the moment whilst many of us are still stuck at home. This is also a follow-up to the tutorial I made back in April on how to make a bread bag.

When I started making bread again back at the start of quarantine, I already had a starter but just couldn't get the dough or the final bread quite right. All the tutorials I watched I found quite intimidating; you need all this fancy experiment but I know many people don't have that sort of thing - I know I don't. So this is the video I wish I'd had when figuring out my own sourdough bread recipe. I also mention in the video that if you don't have a starter, I recommend "The Bread Book". Here's the recipe for the sourdough bread starter.

I hope this helped some of you, or was at least interested to read. If you would like to watch the video, the link is down below.

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