We're open again!

After a lot of thinking and planning, we've decided to open the shop again but on limited hours. We'll be opening back up on Wednesday 1st July, with our new hours being 10:30am until 2:30pm. The shop will still be open on Tuesday through Saturday each week. We've also taken into consideration the precautions we'll have to take as the safety of our customers will always be put first. A few days ago me and my son went into the shop to clean and re-arrange a few things. One of the things we did was clear everything off the blue dresser near the door. All of the paper stock has been moved to the shelving cabinet and we'll now be using it as a little "sanitising station" if you will.

Here we will provide you with hand sanitiser and masks. We didn't think it was fair to ask our customers to wear masks but then expect them to pay for them so we will be giving each person a free mask at a suggested donation of £1 (this is only to pay for the materials used and any extra money will go to the shop) and then they'll be £5 each if you would like to buy anymore, maybe for family or friends. Staff will also be wearing masks and frequently washing their hands, especially after serving someone. I also think it will be safest to allow a maximum of two customer in the shop at once so we can all properly practice social distancing, just because of how small our shop is. I wouldn't imagine we'll be getting enough customers for that to be put into place very often, but I still think you should know just in case.

I know this may sound a little much, but our biggest concern is keeping our staff and customers safe. Many of our customers and even some of our staff fall under the vulnerable category, so this is especially important to us.

All of the masks are actually made by me. I really wanted to do something to help my local community and as the owner of a business, I felt it was my responsibility to make people feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible when they came into my shop. I know that there's people out there who are in the vulnerable category; or maybe don't have enough money to go online and pay for several masks and their postage, especially as many people can't work at the moment; or maybe you can't sew. Well I can sew, and with my trusty sewing machine and heaps of fabric, I know I'm doing something helpful. I want people to have confident when going out and not so worried about catching or spreading COVID-19 when in contact with shop staff or other members of the public.

Despite all of this, I know there's still some of you who can't go out or don't feel safe going out at the moment, and I totally understand that. Our mail order page will still be live if you would like to buy anything from us. The masks will mainly be available in the shop as we need enough for all of our customers, but if we have more than needed, I'll try to get those on the mail order page as well. We're going to try to post more frequently on our Instagram, giving you updates and more of an insight into the shop. I'm also going to continue posting on my YouTube channel as much as I can.

I hope you're all keeping well. I hope this blog post was helpful. We hope to see you soon, whether that be in our shop or on Instagram and YouTube. Wishing you all the best :)

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