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I'm sure many of us will be posting at least a few of our Christmas gifts this year. I wanted to give you a few gift ideas of things that we sell in our shop, that are also easily postable. We have a variety of items for crafters, quilters, dress makers, journaling, and much more. Hopefully this gives you a few gift ideas, and makes your Christmas shopping ever so slightly easier this year.

These paper packs made by one of our wonderful artists are great for anyone interested in journalling or paper craft. They include a variety of reclaimed papers, mainly sourced from vintage books and maps. Each pack is £5.75. We also have a nice selection of handmade journals, some made by Ingrid who made these paper packs, and some by other artists. Some new journals have recently been made and are now in stock in the shop, so there's a good amount for you to choose from. Some are book sized journals which are perfect for at-home writing. There are also a few traveller's journals that are better for on the go, and are the right size if you already have traveller's journal, they work well as inserts. Both of these are very flat, so shouldn't be too hard to post. The journals range from £12 to £25.

These handmade trees in vintage cotton reels make for beautiful decorations. They're made by one of the artists who sells in our shop who is based in Milton Keynes, and is inspired by the trees around her. Buy one, or several as they all pair together very well. A few of us in the shop love these trees and have small collections of our own coming along. Each tree is £18.

Another thing we've restocked recently is our collection of vintage dip pens and mechanical pencils. Most of them are from the 1950s, however a couple of days ago we sold an antique writing set from the early 1900s, still with it's original dip pens and ink pot! We've also plenty of replacement nibs, great if you'd like to try a few different styles. They make lovely little gifts, especially if the person like to write, or enjoys collecting little vintage bits and bobs. The singular pens and pencils range from £8 to £15.

Some more artist-made items. These wonderful pin cushions are not only practical for anyone into sewing, but look beautiful on display in any sewing room. They're £4.95 each. Another local artist selling in our shop makes these lovely necklaces made from upcycled silk ties. A unique and sustainable approach to an accessory that many of us wear daily.

These little embroidery kits are great for any sewing beginners, or anyone who loves embroidery. When I was little, I love receiving kits like these on Christmas day as I could look forward to doing it in the afternoon. The kits are £8.50. I've also been making some more lavender bags, which make for nice gifts, if I do say so myself. The bags are useful for keeping clothes in drawers fresh, and the hearts are cute little decorations.

I hope this was helpful and possibly inspired some of the gifts you'll be giving this year. For more detailed photographs, you can check our Instagram, where hundreds of our items are picture. All of our items are available by mail order, so if you see anything on our website of Instagram that you would like to purchase, you can email us (linked at the bottom of this page). We also have a mail order page for more popular items. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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